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House Foundation Forms And Structural Reinforcement

Interesting house foundation pictures before the concrete is poured.

You're looking at some deep footings with some heavy-duty Rebar and building hardware in.

Running a building form past the edge of the building provides additional support for the foundation forms.

Look at the long form stakes they used to support the building foundation.

Here's a nice shot of a galvanized structural wall hold down.

This gives you a pretty good idea how the foundation forms are braced. There is would braces on the top and metal support braces in the center.

Here's a nice picture of the rebar are lapping. Rebar should lap 40 times the diameter of the rebar.

Here's a nice picture of a structural foundation pad. Pads like these are used to support load bearing posts.

Look at all the work that's involved in building the forms, before you can pour the concrete.

Now you get to see how the wood stakes are used to support the building foundation forms.

You can see two foundation stem walls intersecting with a larger one in this corner of the home.

Here's another shot of the corner foundation wall. Look at all of the work involved to create the corner of this building.

If you look at the corner close enough you'll notice that they us



Structural Foundation Repairs Can Be Dangerous - Over the years I have seen contractors repair damaged foundations with amazement sometimes. How in the heck did these professionals remove the damaged structural foundation to a large building without it collapsing? Like I said, sometimes I can't believe some of the structural foundation repairs that I have seen in the past.

Big Problems Using Concrete Foundation Piers - Building Repairs - A concrete foundation pier can be purchased at almost any lumber yard and home improvement center around the world. They are usually about 12 inches tall and their base is usually about 12 inches wide and works its way up, to a 6 inch square at the top and this usually has two metal brackets sticking straight up out of it. These metal brackets can be nailed onto the post that will be supporting the floor framing.

Take Pictures of Your Growing Foundation Damage or Cracks - I champion people and try to get them to look at their house, at least once a year. One of the easiest ways to inspect your home is to use a home inspection checklist and if you really want a good home inspection checklist, there's a good chance that you are going to need to purchase one. You get what you pay for and don't ever forget that.

Concrete Foundation Soil Erosion Problems - Lawn Sprinklers - If you live in a home where your concrete foundation is starting to sink into the ground or one part of your home is a little higher than the other part, you could have concrete foundation soil erosion problems. Here's the first thing that you're going to need to do and I hope this helps.

How to Protect Foundation Plumbing Pipes? - Concrete Building Foundations - If you install any underground plumbing pipes, in your concrete building foundation, you will need to protect them, from the concrete. You can use a variety of products and the most common of them will be a Styrofoam wrapping that can be purchased at most plumbing supply stores.


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