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House Foundation Forms And Structural Reinforcement 1

If you look at the bottom rebar grid, you will notice that it has small concrete blocks holding it up.

Here's an excellent picture of a structural reinforcement rebar grid. These large concrete pads are used for heavy loads from wood or metal posts that will be carrying a lot of weight from the roof or floor.

They're using a lot of foundation support ties, because the forms are wide and will be holding a lot more concrete than the smaller ones.

Corner view of the building foundation. If you look at the bottom left-hand side of the picture you can see where they over dug the corner a little bit.

That's a lot of wood and metal, plus all of the bracing and supports for keeping the forms straight while pouring the concrete.

The plywood keeps the dirt out. Be careful doing something like this, because this plywood needs to be removed, eventually.

Here's another view of the plywood that's holding the dirt back.

Wow, look at all of that wood and metal.

Another picture of the inside corner of the building foundation before the concrete is poured.

The bottom of the picture shows two rebars lapping.

Another picture of the outside corner of the homes foundation.

This looks like an elevator pit. Most people don't realize how much work goes into this type of foundation.

Here's a picture of two stakes being used instead of one long one, to support the concrete forms.

A different angle of the same picture where the two stakes are being used.

There vertical rebar sticking out of the footing are a clear sign that they're going to use a block wall here.

Look at how straight everything is.

The other side of the garage forms.

In the picture above, you will notice the electrical conduit pipes that will be used later to supply the home of electricity.

Here is an upper view of the electrical conduit pipes inside of the concrete forms.

It's always a good idea to tape the pipe openings to prevent debris from falling into the pipes.



Three Methods for Repairing Your House Foundation -
You realize that you have some large cracks and some damage to your building foundation. What are you going to do about the damage and is it even that big of a deal? Here are 3 methods for repairing your house foundation that you might find extremely helpful, especially if you have any damage.

Problems with Hiring Inexperienced Foundation Contractors - The problems with hiring anyone who doesn't have enough experience can be extremely frustrating. If you're planning on hiring a foundation contractor to fix or repair your home's foundation, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make sure that they have enough experience, before you let them start on the project.

Laying out Complex Building Foundations - Laying out a square building foundation can be complicated. How in the world do they lay out some of these extremely difficult or complex building foundations that you see in million-dollar homes today?

Over Digging Creates Foundation Problems - If you're planning on building a new home, make sure that you or your contractor does not over dig the foundations. This can create big problems in the future and many homes today suffer from these types of problems.

Problems with Small Foundation Cracks - One of the biggest problems was small foundation cracks is that they can actually get bigger. The small ones usually aren't that big of a problem, however once they start to get larger or continue growing, now is when you have a big problem with your building foundation.


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