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Siding Trim And Roof Overhang Termite Damage

If you look close enough at the bottom of the facia board, you will notice a few orange spots. The spots are from the water leaking off of the roof shingles and rolling behind the gutter.

This is an excellent picture of plumb cut roofer rafter tails. The Carpenters did an excellent job and the facia board looks nice and tight against the roofer rafter.

If you look at the wood trim against the gutter, you will notice that it's been replaced before. There is a small gap about to shingles down from the top.

If you look at the bottom of the wood trim next to the gutter, you will notice some wood damage, from termites. Whenever the trim is damaged, there's a good chance that the framing is also.

Here's a close up of the termite damage. If the gutter down spout is leaking, the bottom of the wood trim could remain moist for long periods of time. Most painters don't paint the bottom of these areas.

Offset facia board connection on two story house.

Roof running into a stucco wall would Z bar flashing.

Plumb facia corner with a rusting nail. Nails aren't going to rust and lest there's moisture.

Termite damaged wood trim attached to roof facia board. This is a big problem for homes near the beach.

Roof gutter downspout upper connection.

Here's a picture of a roof rafter tail with a saw cut in it. Some careless carpenter didn't realize what he was doing.

Here's a picture of a rafter tail that split for some reason. This could be repaired by nailing or screwing the broken piece back to the rafter.

The second story roof facia board needs to be repaired, but this spot is going to be difficult to access. Creative scaffolding will be your only alternative unless you're 7 foot tall.

You can actually see no water drip marks in this picture on the facia board. The gutters or installed correctly.

More pictures of water spots on facia board.

Some of this facia board will need to be replaced. You don't get to see conventional roof framing very often, any more.

Someone put some type of screening underneath this hot water heater pressure relief valve pipe. Someone's obviously worried about insects or house pests.

Here's a good picture of attic ventilation blocks on the exterior of a home. These ventilation blocks allow outside air to circulate in your attic.

Another picture of the fascia board.

Usually the fascia board next to a chimney like the picture above needs to be checked for dry rot and termite damage. Any spots where water can accumulate need to be checked.



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